COVID-19 General Information & FAQs

1. GymFlex memberships with a start date from 1st April 2020 onwards

a. All memberships have been cancelled for 1st April and 1st May starts. We can either retain employee data for up to 3 months to be re-verified at a later date or delete all selections and start a new enrolment once this period is over. Decisions should be discussed with your benefit platform provider, where applicable and emailed to with your company name in the subject

i. Any invoices you have received for 1st April or 1st May memberships will be followed shortly by a credit note.

ii. Anyone who has paid 1st April memberships already, a credit note will be provided and a refund sent.

iii. If you opt for us to hold pending selections and set these up if gyms reopen in the next 3 months, these will be guaranteed the same membership price and 12 month term they had committed to when selecting originally.

b. All future windows are currently postponed until gyms and the country are back up and running, our system has a pop up note to advise employees of this.

2. Existing members should have had a membership freeze placed by the gym - what does this mean?

a. This is a pause/postponement to gym access. The time the gym is closed will be added to the end of the employee contract once the gym re-opens. For example if everything is shut for two months the 12 month agreement would become 14 months, thus the renewal for their membership would occur two months after their scheduled renewal date. GymFlex can manage reminders to assist this.

b. For clients with a fixed annual enrolment where the membership freezes will put employees 'out of sync' GymFlex are looking at arranging a pro-rata rate on renewal for employees.

c. A membership freeze is applicable to the gym access only. GymFlex are not able to advise employees on their payroll deductions, tax implications or home-working provisions.

3. We have a strict annual enrolment coming up, what does this mean for us?

a. GymFlex are investigating alternative options with the gym providers, not limited to but including pro- rate memberships, in order to service our clients with strict annual only enrolments. The clubs are committed to ensure that no one is out of pocket and are working with us on alternative solutions. The feasibility and logistics for this are still being worked on and somewhat restricted at this present time due to gym staff being put on furlough.

b. You may also wish to run an additional window, any client requiring a further window will not be charged the higher annual administration fee which is normally applicable.

4. If a membership is frozen when does it restart?

a. Memberships will recommence once the gyms reopen. As this date is unknown, Incorpore will advise once the situation becomes clearer.

5. Can a membership be cancelled?

a. COVID-19 is not considered a lifestyle event by the gyms and cancellation requests on those grounds are not being accepted. Any other lifestyle events which may normally be accepted by a gym in line with their T&Cs are currently on hold due to gym staff being put onto furlough. We will review all requests once gyms resume operations.

6. What if an employee leaves the company during this period?

a. As standard the membership is for the full 12 month term. our understanding is that it is usual practice for employers to deduct the gym membership 'balance' from their final pay.

7. Are gyms issuing confusing comms?

a. The gyms issued generic comms to all their members with regards to memberships being frozen automatically, this was done to prevent thousands of queries being sent to gym teams. Some of their comms did not specifically address the arrangement we have in place but we have been informed that further rounds of comms have be sent where clarification was needed. Their explanation appears to be sound but it does not tackle the issue about payroll deductions which are out of GymFlex's control. Please advise where you would like these queries directed.

8. Annual admin fees:

a. Any due in April and May (or whilst gyms are closed) will be charged alongside your next membership report, once the industry is up and running again.

b. Clients previously operating on an annual enrolment who may require a further opportunity for employees to select memberships will not incur any additional annual management charges.

9. Do we still utilise the same phone numbers and e mail addresses for contact purposes - do you anticipate these changing at all?

Incoming calls are still high so call delays are to be expected. There is a team mailbox in use, this is the best way to contact staff during this period: GymFlex Team:

10. FAQs are available for employees and employers but do not tackle the queries around payroll deductions which might well be different for each of our clients:

i. Employer FAQs:

ii. Employee FAqs:

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