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What we do

Our mission is to dramatically increase the uptake of gym memberships among the UK and Ireland’s working population. We passionately believe that gym memberships play a huge part in creating a healthier and more active workforce.

Our discounted gym network helps HR and Reward teams engage with employees on the health benefits of a more active lifestyle and we offer the choice of gyms to suit all organisations. The large number of health clubs, leisure centres, yoga studios and fitness camps ensure all employees are catered for no matter where they live or work.

We have two discounted gym programs:

Incorpore is a self-paid gym membership scheme with the employee paying the club via direct debit. It is a perfect fit for a voluntary benefit scheme.

GymFlex is salary sacrifice scheme, with the company paying for the annual membership and making the necessary payroll deductions. It also works well as a net pay scheme.

Are you looking for further wellbeing solutions? We provide a range of onsite, remote and wellbeing support services to complement our gym schemes.

We have 3 1 9 1 gyms
across the UK and Ireland in our network


Main Features
  • Employee paid memberships
  • 24/7 helpline
  • Low Admin
  • Huge choice of memberships


Main Features
  • Salary Sacrifice Approved
  • Single Sign on integration
  • Single supplier and payment
  • Additional NI Savings

Wellbeing Services

Main Features
  • Health increasing
  • Wellness awareness days
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Wellbeing calendar