YourWellnessHub Club: The Ultimate Employee Wellbeing Platform For Smaller Businesses

Incorpore, a leading provider of comprehensive employee wellbeing solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of YourWellnessHub Club, an innovative platform designed specifically for micro-businesses. YourWellnessHub Club is an expansion of YourWellnessHub but is specifically designed for smaller companies who may not have the budget, time or resource to implement and manage an employee wellbeing strategy. This ground-breaking offering revolutionises the way small companies provide and manage employee benefits, all within a single, user-friendly hub. 

YourWellnessHub Club is a one-stop solution that consolidates and streamlines employee benefits, fostering and encouraging a culture of wellbeing within smaller businesses. The platform integrates all of Incorpore’s wellness schemes into a cohesive and accessible online platform. YourWellnessHub Club gives employees access to discounted gym memberships, discounted health assessments, online retail discounts and access to Thrive, an NHS approved mental wellbeing app. 

Recognising the unique needs of smaller businesses, Incorpore is committed to expanding its offerings to help companies of all sizes prioritise employee wellbeing. With the launch of YourWellnessHub Club, small businesses now have access to a comprehensive suite of wellbeing benefits for their employees. Incorpore is dedicated to levelling the playing field and empowering all companies, regardless of their size, to enhance the wellbeing of their employees. 

YourWellnessHub Club offers businesses the opportunity to improve their employees' wellbeing, leading to increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved overall satisfaction. By centralising employee benefits, businesses can save valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: the success and wellbeing of their workforce. 

For more information about YourWellnessHub Club and how it can transform your business, email us at or call us on 0345 300 6474.