Incorpore Welcomes MORE To Its Corporate Gym Network, Enabling Access To Premium Fitness Facilities And Top-notch Discounts

Incorpore, a leading provider of corporate gym schemes, is delighted to announce the addition of MORE to its renowned GymFlex and MyGymDiscounts network. This strategic partnership brings an array of exceptional fitness facilities and enticing discounts to employees of participating companies.

With over 30 years of experience in operating leisure services, MORE is renowned for managing a wide range of gyms and pools across England, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Island of Jersey. Their expertise extends far beyond traditional leisure facilities, with prestigious National Sports Centres such as Bisham Abbey under their care. In these centres, a diverse community of fitness enthusiasts, including elite athletes, embraces a shared commitment to health and well-being.

With access to over 30 MORE sites through the network, employees can enjoy unparalleled convenience and flexibility in maintaining their fitness routines. Whether they seek a top-notch gym or an exceptional sports facility, MORE caters to all fitness and sporting needs.

As part of this exciting partnership, GymFlex and MyGymDiscounts offer significant savings of up to 35% off on MORE memberships. This remarkable discount empowers employees to take control of their well-being without stretching their budgets.

MORE’s commitment to delivering high-quality leisure services aligns seamlessly with Incorpore's vision to foster a healthier, more active workforce. Together, both organisations aim to empower employees to lead balanced lifestyles, increase productivity, and enhance overall well-being.

Employers who join the GymFlex and MyGymDiscounts network can now offer their workforce a comprehensive wellness package that includes access to MORE's esteemed leisure facilities. By investing in their employees' health and happiness, businesses can create a positive work environment that drives employee satisfaction and retention.

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