Epassi UK Partners With Doctor Care Anywhere To Offer Clients And Employees Great Savings On Virtual GP Appointments

Epassi UK are proud to announce their partnership with Doctor Care Anywhere to offer their clients and employees discounts on Virtual GP Appointments. Epassi UK are a leading employee benefit company that offers discounted wellbeing schemes, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of the UK workforce.

Epassi UK is the UK’s largest health and fitness network and works with over 2,000 clients and 11 million employees across the UK and Ireland. With over 21 years of experience, Epassi UK provide employees with health and wellbeing benefits such as discounted gym memberships and health assessments.

As part of their partnership, Doctor Care Anywhere will be offering Epassi UK’s clients, and their employees discounted access to Virtual GP Appointments. This means employees can access expert help and advice wherever they are in the UK, seven days a week, with no need to call for appointments and no trips to the surgery.  They can book a time that suits them and obtain early diagnosis and treatment, resulting in reduced travel, quicker recovery time and fewer sick days at work. Plus, next-day delivery to your home, work or local pharmacy means employees can enjoy the peace of mind of having a doctor on hand, wherever they are in the UK.

GP appointment wait times are higher than pre-pandemic and the average waiting time is currently over a week in the UK (NHS England, 2024).  Together with Doctor Care Anywhere we can significantly minimize the wait time by offering employees access to a doctor in as little as just 30 minutes through the Remote GP service. 

Zoe Sullivan, Chief Partnerships Officer at Doctor Care Anywhere said: “Doctor Care Anywhere are proud to be offering our services to clients and employees of Epassi UK. We recognise the importance of giving people the peace of mind that they have quick access to high quality care at a time that is convenient to them.”

James Shillaker, Managing Director at Epassi UK said: “Here at Epassi UK, we believe that healthcare access should be on-demand and at the employee’s convenience. High-quality care can be delivered remotely, and Doctor Care Anywhere has the appropriate means to do so effectively. We’re excited to further expand our offering to give employees even more opportunities to improve their health and wellbeing through this quick, easy and convenient service.”